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Become a fearless captain in Buccaneers!, a classic pirate game with a modern twist. Embark on a first-person single-player adventure on PC, console or in VR, and join a faction with unique abilities to conquer an ever-changing Caribbean sea. Featuring hours of replayability, Buccaneers! lets you find legendary treasures, battle powerful ships and leave your mark on the world. Will you bring about a new Golden Age, or stomp out piracy once and for all? Buccaneers! will be available on Steam (VR and non-VR), Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Xbox One.


Buccaneers! began as a simple idea: to create a modern take on the basic pirate game formula pioneered by the likes of Sid Meier's Pirates! and the Sea Dogs series. At first, it was a VR-only concept, with the intention of making a game that could scale between high and low-end devices while still looking visually pleasing. This led to the low-poly art style, and after a few prototypes, the fundamentals of the game began to take shape, focusing on ship battles, limited land exploration and basic quests. It soon became clear that Buccaneers! would also work well in non-VR, so it became a multi-platform title intended for PC, consoles and VR. The game's scope was limited to ensure it would be feasible enough to produce for so many target platforms, as well as keeping performance in check. This was no easy task, but despite all the challenges involved, Buccaneers! is on track to bring the simple fun of the games that inspired it to a whole new generation.


  • Pledge your allegiance to one of four factions with unique abilities and fight for dominance in the Caribbean.
  • Take command of your own sailing warship and engage in intense naval battles where superior strategy wins the day.
  • Equip up to five weapons from swords and pistols to muskets and grenade launchers, and switch weapons on-the-fly to deal with any situation.
  • Fully-playable in VR and non-VR, with shared game saves between both modes (on supported platforms).


Buccaneers! Reveal Trailer (4K) YouTube

Buccaneers! VR Trailer YouTube


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About Skyward Digital Ltd.

Skyward Digital is an indie studio with a passion for gaming platforms of all shapes and sizes, from PC and consoles to virtual reality devices. We aim to push all platforms to their full potential and produce fun, compelling games with unique twists.

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Buccaneers! Credits

Sam Cole
Co-founder / Developer

Robert Cook
Co-founder / Developer

Yahren McNair
Co-founder / 3D Artist

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